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>> Course Finder

          - Golf Courses in Major US States

>> Golf Tutor

          - Introduction to "Golf for Beginners"
          - Demonstrating Golf's "5 Basic Body Actions"
          - Foot Action
          - Connecting Foot Action to Leg/Knee Action
          - Hip & Shoulder Action

>> Golf Vacation

          - Find a Golf Vacation in a major US State

>> Golf Rules

          - The Game
          - Clubs and the Ball
          - Players' Responsibilities
          - Order of Play
          - Teeing Ground
          - Playing the Ball
          - The Putting Green
          - Ball Moved, Deflected or Stopped
          - Relief Situations and Procedures
          - Other Forms of Play
          - Administration
          - Unusual Situations

>> Golf Etiquettes

          - Keeping Pace
          - Playing it Safe
          - Sportsmanship
          - Clothing
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